Typhoons, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods – when nature shows itself from its violent side and people and animals flee to safety, this young man packs his cameras, heads for the epicentre of the affected area, and shoots.

When he climbed up onto the roof of the highest building in a small Vietnamese town during a typhoon warning ten years ago, instead of taking refuge in the cellar with the residents, people declared him mad. That was the first time the “storm chaser” was able to sell footage he had put his life on the line to shoot. An idea was born, and James made his hobby into a career.

The Englishman now lives in Hong-Kong. Now in his mid-thirties, he is already a seasoned natural disaster cameraman and has shot footage of over 50 typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones and their impact. But that doesn’t seem to have been excitement enough for him: a few years ago, he also started tackling volcanoes belching fire and dust.

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Footage from our specialist for all things wild, exclusively from Framepool