November 9th may be the most significant date in German history. In 1848, the liberal March Revolution failed after Robert Blum had been executed, 100 years ago Kaiser Wilhelm II was dethroned, in 1923 Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch failed and it has been 29 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, today also marks the 80th anniversary of the ‘Novemberprogrome’ 1938, which have been euphemized as ‘Kristallnacht’ (which translate to Night of Broken Glass, most likely called like this because of the broken glass of destroyed synagogues.Jewish housing and stores) .
The events of the night between November 9th to November 10 marked the transition from the discrimination of German Jews since 1933 to systematic persecution, which culminated in the Holocaust almost three years later.

On November 14, 1938 — shortly after the pogroms organized by the Nazi party the night of November 9th — the German authorities ban Jewish children to attend the schools.
Our short film shows previously unreleased film material of Berlin and Jewish students of a Berlin high school, which have been filmed in 1937 by the American cameraman and director Julien Bryan.

In 1938 the official plans for the final deprivation of rights and for the expulsion of the German Jews are elaborated. Only a few Jewish citizens are able to escape from Germany. Less than 30,000 make it until the summer of 1939 to New York.