Sometimes it can be easier finding a needle in a haystack, than the right stock footage for your project. You find the perfect shot, but the rights situation is unclear. Or the motif is unique, but the quality is not as good as expected. Well, do not despair: If all else fails – we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Framepool provides search results

In addition to the webshop (tips for searching), we have other means of finding the best suitable footage material for your valuable project.
We dig deep: On top of the footage available online, we have quite a bit of offline treasure in the backroom. We know how to retrieve it for preview, presentation and final licensing.
We check around: The Framepool network is growing steadily and already comprises more than 800 footage licensors. We know who specializes in a particular subject and also, if they can attend to your project’s specific needs.
We research: Especially when it comes to historic footage material, it’s worth browsing through the depths of big archives. Our experts will stand by your side on even the toughest search mission.
And when you still haven’t found something suitable:
We connect you with qualified filmmakers around the world.

Framepool locates rights holders

As a film pro and diligent reader of our newsletter’s “legal section”, the importance of clearing third-party rights prior to publishing video material is no news to you. Framepool will help you to avoid costly mistakes:
We advise and inform you of any necessary rights clearance in connection with the individual usage of your production and its distribution territories.
We clear third party rights such as personality rights, trademark laws, business laws, music and narrator rights, intellectual property rights – even in the very toughest cases.
We negotiate the very best conditions from the appropriate rights holders, regarding the use of the selected footage material within your production.

Framepool looks for quality

There’s no need to pay for a full scale new film production if you’ve found the perfect motif but quality still leaves a lot to be desired: Framepool provides high quality scans of suitable historical material for your project. We locate and contact the creators and rights holders of YouTube or Vimeo videos and other online clips. And we arrange for similar shots of high quality which might fit your production.

From video footage to prints

For cross-media projects, a motif is frequently required as both video and still image: Framepool is the only stock agency worldwide that lets you license any single image frame from a selected video clip – delivered in the best possible quality for printing.

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