RightSmith proudly announces the acquisition of Framepool, the leading European stock footage company with over 15 years of experience in the licensing industry.

As a customer, you will now have access to a larger amazing selection of content all under the same company with the same great service you have been accustomed to. With the acquisition of Framepool, RightSmith will raise the value and profile of both brands by becoming one high profile exclusive representative of global collections such as NBCUniversal, Guinness World Records, The Amazing Race collection, and Cinesound Movietone – just to name a few.

Framepool’s vast unique collection, established brand, and European infrastructure were some of the key factors which drove this acquisition. RightSmith understands that the value of key contributors and exclusive content drives this business. We are very much looking forward to continuing to grow the Framepool collection of important unique contributors as well as continually adding global media brands that RightSmith has always focused on. We are looking forward to growing together to become the industry leader in RM/RF footage worldwide.

About RightSmith

RightSmith is a leader in media archive management and monetization, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. RightSmith connects creators and media professionals to content that appears every day throughout the world’s film, television, advertising, publishing and online media industries. Visit RightSmith to learn more about how the company is working with large media archives to monetize, store, and access their assets. https://rightsmith.com