Fascinating footage of wild animals from up close. We proudly present our “hunter” to you, one whose quarry extends beyond big game.

From lions to iguanas, Benjamin Sadd is always stalking wild animals somewhere in the world. Shying away from neither hardship nor risk, he steals through the steppe, dives in the ocean, flies over forests and crawls through the jungle to pick up the trail of all kinds of wild animals in their natural environments.

Ben’s trophies don’t end their days mounted to living room walls with glassy-eyed stares. We preserve them for you as superb 4K nature videos that can be licensed online directly in the Framepool shop. Following the maxim “take a picture, not a trophy”, the dedicated scientist deploys his cameras as weapons in the ongoing struggle to protect nature and conserve threatened species.

At the moment, Ben is filming in Siberia – and we are eagerly waiting for his spectacular new material. A true sharpshooter who misses nothing. Don’t miss him!
Footage by Benjamin Sadd, exclusive to Framepool