The Framepool family just got BIGGER: our Los Angeles office has been beefed up with new staff, and a new cooperative venture in China is here – anyone adept enough to use an online shop in Chinese can now call ours up.


Hi L.A.! At our Los Angeles branch, we extend a warm welcome to the wonderful Sarah Fraser, which some of you may already know from her previous role with Corbis. Sarah’s experience and knowledge makes it a big asset to meet the requirements of our customers at this global hotbed of world-class film and television production.
Meet our team


Nǐ hǎo Shanghai! The dismantling of Corbis has also led to another exciting partnership: China’s largest picture agency, “Imagine China”, has selected Framepool as its new partner for video content. We are very proud to show you what our website looks like in Chinese.

We bid a warm welcome to the new members of our international family and invite you to pay them a virtual visit. Maybe there will be a nice cup of tea …

 “Los Angeles + 4K”

 “China + HD”