What can a liberal party, right wing extremists, and Finnish curd cheese have in common? The Image. (Featured image from a FDP spot)

An embarrassing mishap that happened not too long ago in Germany is the nightmare of every producer: The liberal party FDP, created their campaign ads with an image of exactly the same happy family as the right wing extremists of the NPD. And to top it off: so did a Finnish curd cheese producer. Shit happens!

With Royalty Free (RF) footage, the risk of finding the same footage and photo material in other productions or in unpleasant context can be relatively high. Anyone is able to buy this material from multiple archives for a flat rate without declaration of the exact usage. Happy families taking a bike ride are a typical example of the standardized and common content of RF material.

Film material offered as Right Managed (RM) footage is more sophisticated and most often exclusively available through only one footage agency. With RM licenses, the use of each clip will be individually calculated under observance of the distribution outlets (for example TV broadcast, Internet, Cinema), territorial reach, and duration of the intended usage.
To make sure that the material in question is not further used in any undesired context, obtaining the exclusive rights of the footage for a specific territory or time frame is sometimes available at an additional fee. You can also always request information about the usage of your selected footage material within other productions and campaigns. This way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

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