Growing up in a place like Hawaii with a magic attraction for surfers means getting to know the ocean. And waves. And everything happening on and off the shore. The events and iconic stars of the legendary scene around the “Pipeline” are a home fixture for surfer Eric Sterman and his camera drones.

The biggest waves in Hawaii break on the north shore of O’ahu in the winter and create perfect conditions for amazing tube rides. Year after year, they attract the best surfers in the world – to compete against one another. The tight-knit community comes together once again, one with its own rules not open to just anybody.

As a North Shore local, Eric Sterman is very much an insider and known by everyone. He is as obsessed with the quest for the perfect wave as everybody else here, but unlike the others, he chases it with drones. Now one of the most celebrated cinematographers in the scene, he shoots for prestigious brands and supplies us with incredible exclusive footage of gigantic waves and conquering heroes.

Having grown up surrounded by natural wonders, he has high expectations when it comes to filming them. Eric travels through the entire Pacific region with his unmanned aerial systems and brings us the most beautiful waves, beaches and landscapes in HD and 4K. He also takes us to the dream weddings of friends and right through displays of exploding fireworks.

Pacific drone footage, exclusively from Framepool