The end of the year is a time for family. And the perfect time for Framepool to present a new of delightful personal family footage: Mom, Pop and two small boys beginning to discover the world around them.

Sometimes our job is like : a carton of films labelled “Garden” or “Istanbul, Mexico, America” or “ 1970” turns up. We have no idea what kind of treasure has been entrusted to us until the material is scanned. Only then do we find a small family surrounded by presents, enjoying winter holidays, hiking on tidal mud flats, celebrating children’s birthdays and . We see the sons as newborn babies and as they take their first steps, splash around in puddles, topple headlong into sand, meet dogs and chickens, squabble and cuddle. This terribly nice family wins over hearts.

We also found titbits like the squirrel using a man as a climbing frame, a home-made animated film with the legendary model railway “” and many personal impressions from the world of the . Finding the right keywords for all this footage and getting it online keeps our keywording department busy.

We wish you a peaceful end to the year with these family images and as much fun as we had discovering this intimate and unusual footage:

Private film collections from the 1970s, exclusive to Framepool and in HD