Identifying and tracing rights holders sometimes proves impossible. This is typically because the identity of persons portrayed is unknown, or because a person cannot be contacted even after numerous attempts. In some cases, the time and place of a person’s death are unknown, so the relevant post-mortem publicity rights cannot be applied.

Does that mean that images or footage cannot be used? Not necessarily: we have the expertise and the experience to gauge the degree of risk involved reliably. If it is high, you still don’t need to risk your own neck when using protected works: we can offer you an indemnification agreement which ensures any claims for damages will be against Framepool and not against you. In this case, you bear no risk whatsoever.

The indemnification fee depends on the degree of risk involved and is calculated on a per-project basis, taking many relevant factors into account. They include the type and duration of use, geographical dissemination (national, continental, global), whether persons are contemporary or historical figures, and their significance for the general public and within the images. The fee applies to all third-party rights within a given project that cannot be cleared.

Note: We clear all rights. And when rights clearance is impossible, we still have solutions.

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