Exclusive Bavarian picture-postcard perfect scenes: Framepool now has footage from the feature films of the 1950s for you. A true treasure trove for creative pros!

The feature film gems produced by “Dörfler Film” in the 1950s all had a winning formula: satisfying the yearnings of a struggling population for an untroubled world in post-war Germany: they show lies and scheming, confusion and cases of mistaken identity, upright farmers and canny parish priests, flirts and fights, hearty dishes and tasty beers – all the perfect ingredients for relaxing cinema evenings offering distraction from the harshness of everyday life.

The grandchildren of the resourceful Ferdinand Dörfler (1903–1965), a tenor, actor, theatre proprietor, director, producer and screenwriter, are now investing considerable time and sensitivity into the restoration and partly also the colouring of the treasures from their grandfather’s legacy. They are having all the films telecined in 2 K and 4K and DVDs produced ( order here contact: info@doerfler-film.de ). The Heimatfilme offer an amusing take on life in the 1950s in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Their rough charm is served up with a large dollop of Bavarian dialect.

But you won’t need fluent Bavarian to access footage from this exclusive material now being managed by Framepool on behalf of the Dörfler family. The rights for many of the clips have already been cleared and the quirky scenes can be directly licensed online. Film buffs can look forward to encountering old friends that include many German superstars of the era like Johannes Heesters, who even worked with Otto Preminger. We would be happy to clarify the stars’ rights for you on a case-by-case basis.

A real treasure trove full of enchanting clips which the world has not seen yet (apart from back in the day in the cinema). Creative people will find their hearts skipping a beat at the mere titles. Examples include Das sündige Dorf (‘The sinful village’), Die fröhliche Wallfahrt (‘The merry pilgrimage’) and Die Mitternachtsvenus (‘Venus at midnight’). Happy browsing!

You will find the clips from the first of a total of 13 films here:

Vintage material from 1950s comedies, directly licensable in 2K