The American environmental protection agency NOAA reports that the humpback whale populations are no longer threatened with extinction. The international protection measures are effective. Eileen Sobeck says “This message is an ecological success story.” “Whales, including the humpback, serve an important role in our marine environment. Separately managing humpback whale populations that are largely independent of each other allows us to tailor conservation approaches for each population.” We congratulate all environmentalists involved on their success. The beautiful footage shots of humpback whales which were shot by Didier Noirot and other cameramen enjoin us to ensure that the populations will need further support to recover. The footage has been selected and prepared by Framepool and can be licensed for all kinds of use.

More about Framepool and its offers. Framepool supports the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The use of stock footage helps to reduce carbon oxide – see more at the green cart.


Stephan Bleek