The good news: The world famous song “Happy Birthday to You” might be common property very soon, the rights to the song no longer belong to (is this right? Not sure what you are trying to say) Warner/Chappell Music. Would Marilyn Monroe now be able to sing for the president again?

The bad news: It’s not yet a done deal. So far, the verdict of the judge in Los Angeles only means that the world’s (probably) most popular song can be sung at your office birthday party. At least until the copyright of the song is fully cleared, or until the end of next year – then the 70 years for the protection of rights of the creator will expire. All film makers who had to pay a lot of money for a few seconds of “Happy Birthday” since can count themselves happier from then on.

As long as the rights for the ditty are not fully cleared, we will of course clear them for your individual usage and have
> censored version for you on hand.

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