The film world is a world of colour – at least since the middle of the last century.

Most stock footage archives offer you a footage search with black & white keywords only. Needless to say, that this complicates the path from your creative idea to the perfect shot.
At Framepool however, patterns and colour contained in an image can now widen the circle where just words reach their limits.

Our new Visual Search for footage extends search capabilities within the Framepool webshop significantly. Find and sort our shots by colour and other visual information and discover similar footage by using a reference image – either from our archive or your own collection. The purely visual structure of a shot can now be used to conduct a more sophisticated conceptual search. Of course, the visual search also works for stillsour new function for still images licensing.


See visual search in action


Try for yourself – it’s easy!


To search for shots with a similar tone, click on the “choose a colour” link in your left-hand search filters and choose one (or more) colours from the colour palette.

You can add any other search filter such as keywords, recording parameters or delivery formats, to narrow down your result even more precisely.


Find videos that are visually similar to another Framepool clipshot by clicking on the “similar shot” icon.

The motif of the reference shot is then matched with shots of a similar image structure and matching keywords.
Additionally, keyword significance can be increased or decreased.




If you have a picture with just the type of motif you’re looking for in your next video project, you can just drag and drop your inspiration image into the upload panel of our visual search tool or upload it by selecting a file from your local device.


*This option is available to registered users only. Sign up here for a free account!


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