Finally – here is the eagerly awaited new feature!

Framepool now introduces the ability to license still images directly from any of the 750,000 video clips in our footage library!

Gone are the days in which your still and video images don’t match! Now, the same shot for your spot and print advertising is just a click away …promotional digital video media and printed corporate communications united at last!

Going further, there are plenty of images not existent or being digitized from the original photographs. Think of all the shots of historical events that only exist as frames. Archival footage now scanned from 35mm or Super35mm film footage can provide even better quality stills as many original photographs of that point of time.

And the advent of new HD, 2K and 4K digital recordings provide an even higher resolution source for still images, and footage at the same time.

And we have them all …millions of images! Easy to license and even easier to download!!

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Example for STILL “Easy” License for shot # 860-212-842’s-surface