“Cousteau Diver” Didier Noirot submerges with 4K into the realm of Neptune

Fulfilling his childhood dream as a scuba diver on Jacques Cousteau’s team, was the stepping stone for Didier Noirot (photos below, in the middle with Captain Jacques Cousteau) that led him into an exciting life filming the world’s oceans. His imagery can be seen in the Emmy awarded BBC documentary series “Planet Earth” produced by Mark Brownlow and David Attenborough. Today, Noirot is counted among the best underwater filmmakers in the world.

A pioneer when it comes to underwater HD cinematography, these days Noirot films with the Red Epic camera. We are very excited to be able to present his unique footage shot in 4K within the Framepool webshop.

Among other techniques, his distinctive style includes close-ups of marine animals and long steady shots. His Red camera floats through the blue underwater world as if it was a marine creature itself, following sharks, circling shoals of fish and “dances” with dolphins.

Footage from Didier Noirot on Framepool: Footage by Didier Noirot

Footage used in this showreel: footage.framepool.com/en/shots/7570898836769987079