Muhammad Ali was the ‘Greatest of all Time’ , Pelé was simply called ‘O Rei’ (The King), but Babe Ruth was the ‘Sultan of Swat’. He slammed 714 home runs over the fence, his career Slugging Percentage is still unbeaten.

Babe ‘The Bambino’ Ruth won 4 World Series with the New York Yankees. After he was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Yankees, he caused a 86-year period for the Sox without winning any title, the so-called ‘Curse of the Bambino’. There were Yankee players like Yogi Berra or Joe DiMaggio, who won more World Series, but the old Yankee Stadium owned the nickname ‘The House That Ruth Built’ for many years. His earned titles in the early 1920ies made Ruth a national, maybe world wide icon.

On May 30, 1935 he had his last Major League plate appearance for the Boston Braves and  became one year later one of the first Hall of Famers in Baseball.