The Königsplatz in Munich is the location of the new Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. The new center has been built on the estate of the former “Brown House” – the headquartes of the Nazi Party the central of terror during the Third Reich. Framepool has carried out research for archival films that are shown in the exhibition and the app of the new museum.

The Königsplatz was built in 19th century by the Bavarian Kings to remind us of the fight for freedom in Greece and commemorate the ancient roots of our civilization.
The location was used by the Nazi regime to commemorate their Putschists, to demonstrate military power and “germanic heroism” and location of their Party’s headquarters.
1945 it shows up destroyed by war, location to celebrate the liberation of the city from terror and tyranny and symbolise a new start under Americas authority.
Today, 70 years after the end of the Nazi regime a new chapter of remembrance opens with the The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism erected on the ruins of the former Nazi Party headquarters.

US troops liberate Munich April 30, 1945


NS-Documentation Centre Munich with the “Führerbau”, April 25, 2015

NS-Dokcenter2 NS-Dokcenter

We are proud to have contributed to the exhibits shown in the NS Documentation Center. Elisabeth Hartjens and Dr. Stephan Bleek of Framepool have carried out several weeks of research in the National Archives and other archives and have scanned the films found about Munich during Nazitime, the concentration camp of Dachau and the liberation of the city in April 1945 on HD video. Films made from this footage are shown in the center and on the centers mobile App.

All footage or still images can be licensed by Framepool for television programs or other publication purposes.

Building of the new NS-Documentation Center

Königsplatz, Munich, general footage

Königsplatz, Munich during Nazitime

Munich, 3rd Reich

Liberation of Munich by US troops

Dachau Concentration Camp

Ausstellung Entartete Kunst

Hitlerputsch 1923

Author: Dr. Stephan Bleek