Framepool is proud to represent director and DoP Frank Sauer.  Merging the authentic feel of documentary filmmaking with a cinematic look earned Frank various awards for his short films including Dream World, Light Emitting Dudes and Holy Shit.

Framepool supplier Frank Sauer
Frank Sauer

Over the years he fell in love with a variety of extreme sports, the field of graphic design and animation until he found his calling in making sports films with his buddy Sebastian Linda.

A couple of years later he graduated as a Master in Media Direction in Film. Working for a wide variety of companies such as Red Bull, BBC, Universal and so on with the progression of building up a reputation as a extreme sports and documentary filmmaker.

Although Frank comes from Darmstadt or “intestine city” he always introduced himself as Frank from Frankfurt.  People would find that catchy and always remembered his name… then again, how many people would remember Frank from Intestine City?!

Framepool has exclusive rights for the selected footage of the following productions.

LED FreerunningLight Emitting Dudes takes a team of freerunners, geared up from head to toe with LED lights, and sets them loose on the streets of Bangkok at night. With acrobatic grace, they carved up the already buzzing nightlife spots while adding their own flair and colour to the mix.

Dream World: This documentary is about Jason Paul, a free runner that tries to find new ways in his daily life to fulfill his inner needs. On his journey to London he discovers that friendship and companion are essential values in life.

Holi ShitHoli Shit takes a team of freerunners, geared up with a bunch of “toys” which were as great to play with as they are to watch in slow motion and follows their adventures through the abandoned suburbs of Berlin.

WI Run: WI – express it your way MASSIVE PARKOUR JAM am 30.04.2014 in Wiesbaden vom Bahnhof bis zum Theater featured by Ashigaru Frankfurt, Team Kiatsu Wiesbaden, circ und JUST Junges Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

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