The Internet was designed to be a place for information to be exchanged. We have improved our stock footage online store with several new features in order to embrace this intention.

The new features include the ability to upload specific files to our website. There are two different possibilities for uploads:

  • The first is the ability to upload a reference photo in order to find visually similar videos. This allows a user to quickly sort the search results according to the desired image composition. With additional keywords, the “similar” image results can be further narrowed. A customer reported: “I tried it and was surprised at the additional ideas this tool can provide”.
  • The second is the ability to upload an EDL (Edit Decision List). After the first layout created with preview material, it usually is a time-consuming process to identify and collect the shot numbers that were used. Now this step can be much easier by uploading an EDL file. Our system identifies the shots from the provided file and creates a new shot list, which then can be licensed and downloaded directly from the website. Enthusiastic users have remarked: “This saves us a lot of time searching and identifying”

In addition, we have refined the process of sorting shots by resolution, making it easier to find HD footage in the desired quality, including 4K Ultra-HD”!

And in order to make our footage online store even more user-friendly, we have recoded all our preview videos to be HTML5 compatible. Here we are once again a pioneer in the market. It is now possible to view our videos in any browser, and on all smartphones and tablets without the installation of a browser plug-in, like Quicktime or Flash.