Framepool is proud to offer some of the newest and best shots from Brazil, filmed with the recently released ARRI AMIRA.

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be starting soon. This event inspired documentary filmmaker Jens Hoffmann to create a documentary about young Brazilian soccer player. He started this project, called Mata Mata (all or nothing), three years ago. He began his work using the ARRI ALEXA, because the dynamic range was very important for his project. The great range allowed him to film even in poor or heavily changing lighting conditions. In September 2013, ARRI presented the ARRI AMIRA, a more sophisticated version of the ALEXA, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of documentary filmmakers. During progress of his film project, Jens Hoffmann got the opportunity to try the new AMIRA. He used this camera for shots of children playing soccer in Rio de Janeiro in the district Cidade de Deu (City of God), which became famous by the movie with the same name. The AMIRA was selected for these recordings to capture the action of the football game in slow motion at 200 fps. This shoot was also a crucial test for the AMIRA. The action-packed scenes, at around 40° C with a lot of dust and dirt, put the camera and the camera man to the test. The complete interview with the filmmaker can be found at ARRI News.

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