Technical progress and economical growth are necessary – but often humans exceed natural limitations too rigorously, without looking at the potential consequences. Tragic disasters can be the result. One sad example happened exactly 50 years ago: On October 9th in 1963, a landslide and resulting tsunami devastated the North Italian townlet Longarone and numerous villages nearby. Approximately 2000 inhabitants were killed – until today nobody knows exactly how many people lost their lives.

The landslide caused the overtopping of one of the tallest dams in the world, which was built by the end of the 1950ies to meet the growing demands for industrialization and energy in Venice. Already before and during the construction period, some experts have been warning about a natural disaster – without being heard by the responsible parties. Economical interests were the first priority.

Looking at today’s situation, it doesn’t seem that mankind learned a lot from such disasters. We are destroying our nature, even in full awareness of the consequences. It’s time for a change in thinking, living and working, also in our industry. Otherwise the climate change and its impacts on our Oceans will be a catastrophe on an unprecedented scale.