The game hits full stride with cheerleaders waving pom-poms’, a lineman smearing war paint as the stadium lights glare on a formation of twenty-two men swapping yards.

The center snaps the ball and It’s a push to the end zone. It’s a run game as the offense grinds down the defense and the yards down field.

The strategy shifts. The quarterback drops back and drills a receiver in the open with a long pass. He guns for a few before he’s brought down inside the opponent’s one.

The clock ticks down.

The real estate get tighter, the yards have become inches. The offense huddles as the defensive front line lumbers toward the scrimmage line, drops to four and digs in.

The offense breaks and meets the defense mask to mask. The quarterback hollers an audible and his team responds by splitting and contracting.

The count is long.

The ball is snapped and handed off, tucked and protected by the back as he leaps over the linemen and rolls into the end zone.


Framepool is proud to introduce this great stock footage of American Football to our sports collection. The special about this new footage is, that it is filmed with Alexa and all rights are cleared so that it can be used for any purpose. Hope that you enjoy the action as much as we enjoyed creating it.