A lot has been said about 4K in the last weeks. Now it’s time to show & view! So for our latest video, we selected some 4K aerials from around the United States – they take you from the National Parks to big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Sit down, relax and enjoy the flight! (But even though the view out of the window will be very authentic, we’re sorry that you have to look after the drinks yourself…)

Please note: For some good reasons, our YouTube video can be only displayed in Full HD. Today, only few displays are able to show the full 4K resolution. Furthermore, most internet connections are too slow and YouTube’s support for 4K videos is not quite clear yet. But nevertheless, 4K offers great advantages even at the present time: Images are sharper and contain a wider range of colors than traditional HD pictures. Scaling 4K material down to 1080p leads to much better results than filming directly in HD.

To prove this fact, our video might not be enough of evidence for you – then please just visit our stock footage shop and search for RED and Digital Cinema 4K footage. As already announced last week, you will be able to find 4K footage even easier and download it even faster in the very near future!