It almost seems like in the old days that “High Definition” could cause great astonishment. Actually it has become a standard format for us within the last years. So now that the HD hype is over, everybody talks about 4K. But we’re not only talking of course… Within the last weeks we upgraded our storage capacities quite enormously. With the step from LTO-4 to LTO-6, the possible data volume tripled from 800 GB to 2.5 TB per tape. This goes along with a significant increase of the reading-speed and an acceleration of delivery times – so from now on we can serve our growing customer base even better and faster. And, of course, we are perfectly prepared for the enormous amounts of 4K data! Within several weeks, it will be possible to order 4K shots for playout directly via our online store. But already now, you can choose between more than 10,000 stock footage clips in 4K – ranging from animals on green screen or in the wild through cities at night to underwater footage. And everyday they are getting more… Have a look at the amazing quality yourself! In any case, we are really proud of paving the way for the 4K content revolution 😉