In German the term “ins rudern kommen” which can be translated into “start to row” is used for a situation when you get difficulties in the things you do. For example when you get stressed by the next deadline or when seeking for the correct answers in a job interview. But we can assure you, that you’re sitting in one boat with many others rowers.

However, this rather amateur association does not explain sufficiently why our clip about rowing is so popular. We look at it from the professional side: Our rowers shine not only effort and competition, but also dynamics, power and strength, endurance and teamwork. And they show us an example, that only the common focus on a goal can lead a company to success.

Insofar our little video transports not only very popular statements for advertising and corporate film – it even includes a little story of the film. Because what would a film project be without teamwork, perseverance and “creative flow”?

For the best flow of your project: be inspired by the variety of professional clips on before you come again to rowing.