Thankfully, numerous initiatives have been adopted by the film, broadcast and advertising industries to reduce the toxic emissions of C02 in film production. Greenpeace recently realized a video about CO2 dangers with Framepool footage.
Framepool is pleased to be part of the film community’s effort to ensure a more healthier planet by introducing The Green Cart – license videoclips online and protect the environment. The use of stock footage helps you run a more climate friendly, ecological and economical production.

Carbon footprint of film production

Travel and transport to film locations, aerials, energy consumption on site… all these aspects of film production result in vast amounts of CO2 that are harmful to our environment. For instance, if you were to fly the crew, say from Berlin to Sydney, each passenger would account for nearly 15 tons of C02. This is as much as the average annual consumption of one citizen of a country in the Western World. And a two hour helicopter flight for four passengers already accounts for 300 kg CO2. In contrast, licensing stock footage online only requires a few mouseclicks and the CO2 emission is 6 grams.

Green producing of Film and Video

Things are changing.  The BBC and BBDO were pioneers in the industry, providing production professionals with carbon calculation apps to better monitor their projects. At Framepool we contribute to low emission film projects with an archive of high quality footage that enables creative film makers to realize their vision without further strain on the environment.

The advantage of high end stock footage

Greenpeace UK recently produced the clip FIGHT BREAKS OUT IN EU PARLIAMENT with Framepool Stock Footage. Top advertisers like AUDI, Samsung or Adidas use Framepool stock footage as broadcasters like the BBC or movie producers do.

Using stock footage helps you run a more climate friendly, ecological and economical production. Using existing aerial clips alone, will already save the environment tons of CO2 and enhances the production value. You needn’t cut back on quality: We have the whole world available from above (Film, HD to 4K). Most of the clips were never used before they appear on our website.

We need to act, in order to retain an intact and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations. Cut carbon dioxide emissions wherever possible. A responsibility toward our future that we all share. The Green Cart is another little step to protect our planet!


Calculate your film’s carbon footprint online with the Commercial Movie Calculator.

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