Grüezi Switzerland – enjoy your national holiday! We congratulate with  26.000 stock footage clips shot by our contributors.

Not only directors of Bollywood are fascinated by you. Also we Europeans love your mountains, your nature and your chocolate.

Today we are sitting in our office at 36°c, wistfully watching video clips of your mighty glaciers  – and dreaming of fresh air and green meadows. In the footsteps of your beloved “Heidi”, some of us once even climbed on your highest summit, the Monte Rosa an unforgettable experience!

(Hopefully climate change will not destroy your ice giants. Our Green Cart initiative aims to help them by avoiding CO2 in film production.)

Anyway, we wish that your natural beauty will stay forever – and continue to serve as a motive to our filmmakers. This flight over the Mythen is Framepool’s contribution to the Swiss national holiday 2013 – enjoy!