The researchers of Framepool recently found a 35mm color archival film reel about the state visit of President John F. Kennedy in Wiesbaden, June 25th and 26th 1963 that has never been shown to the public yet. You can watch the film digitized in full HD.
Cameramen of the US Air Force shot the footage about the state visit of President John F. Kennedy in Hanau and Wiesbaden in June 1963. It was the first visit of an American president in Germany after World War II. President Kennedy was welcomed by the German people with abounding enthusiasm. Hundred of thousands lined the streets to welcome the young and charismatic American leader. His visit is one of the profound marks in the collective memory of the German post war generation. You can guess that 14 years after the foundation of the democratic state in West Germany the visits marks the shift to identification with the values of freedom and democracy of the young post war generation. Their emotions took those elder Germans who had experienced Nazi government and World War with them. The film of the US Air Force comments the event in the manner of a sober military communique.

The film is shown in the exhibition “Wiesbaden loves JFK” in the museum of the city of Wiesbaden. On June 30 2013 the film can be seen together with Oliver Stone’s film JFK in the Caligari cinemaWiesbaden.

Videoclips of President Kennedy’s state visit to Germany in 1963 can be licensed on Framepool.

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