Earth Porn – HAPPY EARTH DAY 2016

Earth Porn – HAPPY EARTH DAY 2016

This Earth Day, we want the whole world to love Earth even harder.

Using stock footage helps save the environment a vast amount of CO2. And you don’t have to cut back on quality. We have the whole world available from Film, HD to 4K. So you can see Mother Nature like you’ve never seen her before.
Splendidly stage-managed by the agency McKinney, with sexy footage from Framepool:


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Visual search function

Visual search function

The film world is a world of colour – at least since the middle of the last century.

Most stock footage archives offer you a footage search with black & white keywords only. Needless to say, that this complicates the path from your creative idea to the perfect shot.
At Framepool however, patterns and colour contained in an image can now widen the circle where just words reach their limits.

Our new Visual Search for footage extends search capabilities within the Framepool webshop significantly. Find and sort our shots by colour and other visual information and discover similar footage by using a reference image – either from our archive or your own collection. The purely visual structure of a shot can now be used to conduct a more sophisticated conceptual search. Of course, the visual search also works for stillsour new function for still images licensing.


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Try for yourself – it’s easy!


To search for shots with a similar tone, click on the “choose a colour” link in your left-hand search filters and choose one (or more) colours from the colour palette.

You can add any other search filter such as keywords, recording parameters or delivery formats, to narrow down your result even more precisely.


Find videos that are visually similar to another Framepool clipshot by clicking on the “similar shot” icon.

The motif of the reference shot is then matched with shots of a similar image structure and matching keywords.
Additionally, keyword significance can be increased or decreased.




If you have a picture with just the type of motif you’re looking for in your next video project, you can just drag and drop your inspiration image into the upload panel of our visual search tool or upload it by selecting a file from your local device.


*This option is available to registered users only. Sign up here for a free account!


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Cross Media Publishing – integral Photo and Film

Cross Media Publishing – integral Photo and Film now offers licensing of still images from its video clip collection

Video technology and photography are constantly changing. Today, modern cameras all record high-definition video and the standard in professional video production is 4K. So if you’re looking to use stills for large format printing there’s now a whole new pool of images for you to tap into!

You can safely print borderless A4 or US Letter size, at 300 dpi, from 4K stills.
And even get high resolution poster prints from 6-8K stills.


Consistent look for your content mix – static and moving

This is especially interesting for overlapping media projects. Choose your still image for a print ad and have a perfectly matching video clip available for other digital content applications, or vice versa.


Get the best image quality for rare motifs

Contrary to the often similar imagery of other photo stock agencies, Framepool features rare shots of subjects and events, otherwise not available as photos.

The original historic footage material is scanned to highest resolution HD or 2K, a quality which you won’t find with conventional photo archives. And if the material is available on 35mm film negative, we can provide you with footage and images in stunning 4K! Contemporary film material of course is readily available in 4K which allows trouble-free high res printing in 300 dpi.

Another improvement in the making: Our webshop will soon feature first film clips in 8K.


Eva Braun loved to film everyday life situations on the Berghof, Hitler’s residence in the mountains. We wonder if Adolf Hitler was the film maker in this case?

Eva Braun loved to film everyday life on the Berghof, Hitler’s alpine residence. We wonder if Adolf Hitler was the film maker in this case?


Still from the Wright Flyer's maiden flight from

Search the Framepool webshop for testimonials of engineering marvels such as  images of the Wright Flyer‘s maiden flight and other historical events … from times when pictures learned to move.


rare image from Framepool depicting the impact in the Nothern Tower of the World Trace Center on 9/11

A rare video shot from 9/11: A Canadian filmmaker was present when the 2nd plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.


You choose the perfect moment

Having the choice of at least 24 frames per second will enable you to choose the picture perfect moment as well as interesting sequences or stroboscopic effects. Features, that are appreciated by your creative team.


Save on licensing

Framepool rates for single stills start at USD 50. Any additional required license for a video may be acquired later at any time, which will help you considerably when budgeting your production.

With our Easy Licenses (covering the most frequently requested license scenarios) for still images and videos you are set to download your fully licensed photo in just a few clicks.
Pay only what you need – If you’re project requires specific licensing, you can use our detailed license calculator for custom pricing.

Revel in a truly great selection

Featuring stock footage material of over 750,000 videos with thousands of subjects, Framepool offers more then 6,000 hours of footage material online. Counting at least 24 licensable frames per second, this stands for a massive pool of fresh and unique still images.

> Start exploring now!

Switch from the Video tab to the Stills tab.
Click on an image to choose one or more of its keyframes to license as still images.



This means we provide you with a still image for every single second of the shot.
And no worries if your desired image might be located just inbetween two selected keyframes – we always deliver all 24 frames of the respective second within the film (half a second before and after your selection will be included in the download).

You can license your images directly or collect them in a project to share with colleagues, to request a specific quote or to save as part of a larger research.

Facts about Personality Rights


To what extent do publications bear a legal risk, if people are depicted in an image accidentally? A common rule is: if individuals in public places are only a circumstantial part of an image, are interchangeable, and not the focus of the image, the personality rights of those people may not need to be cleared for many image uses.

The rule is different if specific individuals are, for example, singled out of a gathering of people. In such a case, we identify such a footage clip on our website with an indicator. The clip still can be used for a variety of projects, but if unsure, Framepool can help with estimating the risks or by taking over the liability against an indemnification fee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


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Licensing rights for the Eiffel Tower

Licensing rights for the Eiffel Tower


She swoons as she whispers “Je t’aime” and falls into his strong arms. The camera pans away from the loving couple, to the spectacularly illuminated Eiffel Tower and… CUT!

Great, lovely. There’s just one problem. The Eiffel Tower’s operating company owns the copyright to the illuminations of this famous Parisian landmark, which was installed by Pierre Bideau in 1985, and therefore has a say in any commercial use, be it a feature film, a documentary or a simple photo.

So either you shoot your love story by day or we sort out the problems concerning the rights for you! If you want footage of the Eiffel Tower, > here it is.

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We wish you …

We wish you …

Happy Holidays!

The whole team of Framepool München wishes you a happy and safe holiday season—and a great new year!
Karoline, Uli, Jeanette, Lorena, Stephan, Atsuko, Elke, Tatjana, Svetlana, Susanne, Ulrike, Denise, Peter, Ulf, Satu, Tom, Anne, Cosimo.
Furthermore: Esra, Ines, Ivan, Michael, Petra, Philip, Thomas, Ursula, Wanja.

“Visual Jazz” The invention of the TV-Commercial picture language

“Visual Jazz” The invention of the TV-Commercial picture language

Visual-Jazz-1 Visual-Jazz-2

Shirley Clarke is a goddamn genius. I hope people compare me with her someday. Shirley and [Lionel] Rogosin are really interested in their subjects, in finding out about what they think and feel
–John Cassavetes

In 1958 the later Oscar awarded avant-garde filmmaker Shirley Clarke was commissioned to create 25 short films to be presented at the Brussels EXPO and that should document America as a “society in motion”. The result was a milestone in short-film history. The films were silent and non-linear montages, edited in Clarke’s “visual jazz” style, responding to the choreography, movement and rhythm inherent in the medium.

Clarke brought that drive toward movement into her films to visualize “motion”, that was in the late

1950s an apt term to describe American culture. Expressionists brought movement to painting, Beats made their poetry “bop” jazz had the world grooving, and Clarke brought that same drive toward movement into her films. Clarke had an background in modern dance and had shot in 1954 one of her earliest films “Paris Parks” with Martha Graham where she found a way to use editing in order to create movement.

She weaves a mix of dazzling optical effects with clever contextualizing—never merely presenting her subject, but interjecting a point of view and complicating a straight-forward reading.

Good examples are:

Shirley Clarke “Nite Lights” USA 1958  

Shows various types of neon and electric lights in U.S. cities.

Shirley Clarke “Gas Stop”, America 1958   

Men drive automobiles along highways and have them serviced at gas stations. A car is lubricated and washed. The edit of this sequence shows what is nowadays the standard TV-Commercial picture language.

Shirley Clarke “Bridges” USA 1958

Shows a montage of railway and highway bridges in various parts of the U.S.


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A smart dog

How a dog can earn a living: Money problems among the employees of the film skilled crafts. One must find solutions.
The dog shows how it goes.


He organises a bucket and places begging to a street corner.
Then he goes to the butcher with the money in the bucket because he knows that people are his friends and will help him.
The butcher gives him the meat portion corresponding to the sum got by begging.
Morality: With the dog this works, because people can be stirred from dogs and help them, however, are not necessarily tuned towards her equals as socially.
Italian newsreel show of 1964. Footage of Framepool.
New Feature:  License Still Images from Video Clips

New Feature: License Still Images from Video Clips

Finally – here is the eagerly awaited new feature!

Framepool now introduces the ability to license still images directly from any of the 750,000 video clips in our footage library!

Gone are the days in which your still and video images don’t match! Now, the same shot for your spot and print advertising is just a click away …promotional digital video media and printed corporate communications united at last!

Going further, there are plenty of images not existent or being digitized from the original photographs. Think of all the shots of historical events that only exist as frames. Archival footage now scanned from 35mm or Super35mm film footage can provide even better quality stills as many original photographs of that point of time.

And the advent of new HD, 2K and 4K digital recordings provide an even higher resolution source for still images, and footage at the same time.

And we have them all …millions of images! Easy to license and even easier to download!!

Shotdetails Stills English

Example for STILL “Easy” License for shot # 860-212-842’s-surface

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